visitor kane

It's always a pleasure to stumble upon musicians and groups of Denmark that can reflect the new wave and post-punk genre's of the 80's so effortlessly. Vistor Kane, all songs written and produced by one man only, Patrick Kociszewski, surely produces the debut album with a nostalgia of classy early 80's Echo & The Bunnymen, The Church , Joy Division and more. "Easy Concern" is easily one of my favorite records since it's release in late 2017 and still holding a special place. While the band has expanded it’s band members and debut sound to a more jangly, indie and alternative influence you can’t help but be immersed in Kociszewski’s talent. He’s created and explored another side once again, always expanding his interest in variety and audio engineering. You will find that Kociszewski is undoubtedly talented, yet he desires to learn more.

grand prix

In a modern world searching for heroes of bravery, courage and charisma, Bastian Emil Goldschmidt (26, Copenhagen) enthralls this to us both poetically and musically. From the memoirs of religion, the mythology of the greek gods, books of Ernst Jünger, athletes worldwide and concluding with the life of his own in this modern age. Our world has immensely changed since the early to mid 1900’s, for the better and the worst. Living conservative and being honorable is a common way of life for Europe and always has been, where the fondness of heroes, religion, architecture, theatre, art, history and music is very rich and has been long cherished. Immerse yourself into marching croon songs of victory, love and bloom to those of defeat, gloom and doom. In war, sports, mythology, novels, historical folklore and the challenges of our own.


Visitor Kane - Came To A Stop

From the album Change of Heart, Visitor Kane presents a new music video by Stefan Kruse Jørgensen and Part Time Records.

A LOST GEM: Dreamscape's La-Di-Da Recordings

This is pre-Secret Shine, featuring Rebecca Rawlings. A mixture of Cocteau Twins & Lush that unfortunately didn't make the 4AD cut.

Grand Prix - Nightlife

Bastian's latest single release "Nightlife" now on YouTube & Soundcloud. Watch the new music video put out by Knife Magazine.

UNSUNG: Musician & Composer Patrice Rushen

Short documentary by UNSUNG on the upbringing and overall history on sesational pop artist and composer Patrice Rushen.

The Portfolio of Photographer & Videographer Eric Fennell

Videographer for the documentary of Supertouch & Other People, there is another side to Fennell of using models and combining it with reality.

A Look Back on George Michaels & The History of WHAM

A documentary looking back on the history of George Michaels and the start of a synth pop duo, WHAM.