VIDEO PREMIERE: Visitor Kane - Came To A Stop

From the album Change of Heart, Visitor Kane presents a new music video by Stefan Kruse Jørgensen and Part Time Records.

A LOST GEM: Dreamscape's La-Di-Da Recordings

This is pre-Secret Shine, featuring Rebecca Rawlings. A mixture of Cocteau Twins & Lush that unfortunately didn't make the 4AD cut.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Grand Prix - Nightlife

Bastian's latest single release "Nightlife" now on YouTube & Soundcloud. Watch the new music video put out by Knife Magazine.

UNSUNG: Musician & Composer Patrice Rushen

Short documentary by UNSUNG on the upbringing and overall history on sesational pop artist and composer Patrice Rushen.

The Portfolio of Photographer & Videographer Eric Fennell

Videographer for the documentary of Supertouch & Other People, there is another side to Fennell of using models and combining it with reality.

A Look Back on George Michaels & The History of WHAM

A documentary looking back on the history of George Michaels and the start of a synth pop duo, WHAM.